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Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

“Chiboub, do you know how to cook Couscous? Where can I buy halal meat? Can you get me some turmeric?” Such and similar questions asked by my Slovak friends were perhaps the reason for the birth of Orient Potraviny. They inspired me to look for ways in which I, an ordinary man from Algeria, would bring all the Unknown and Mystical of the Orient to Slovakia - my new homeland.

Opening of the Shop

A long road led from inspiration to realization but eventually it was crowned with success. We opened our first store in  Fresh Market, where we offered only the most basic Arabic groceries. Later we obtained a place on Americke Namestie, which was much larger and spacious.

Extension of the Assortment

On Americke Namestie we expanded the assortment of oriental foods to include special and sought-after Halal meat and meat products and currently also Asian food. Together with my wife and children, we share the joy of owning this store since 2009 in Old Avion on Americke Namestie.

Offer from All Over the Orient

Our shop offers a truly diverse range of products. Geographically, it stretches from the Mediterranean through the Balkans and Persia, along the Silk Road, through the Himalayas, distant India, China, and the Korean Peninsula.

Our Motto

FOr over the decade, life has taught us that the combination of the healthy spirit and the oriental origin of our products is just what a customer in Slovakia wants. Of course we never underestimate the feedback and opinion of our clients. That's why our offer will satisfy even the greatest gourmet and expert in oriental culinary delights.

From Meat to Spices

Only high-quality olive oils originating in the Mediterranean, as well as dates without added sugars - directly from the Sahara Desert or Persia, can  be found in our shop. Two or three times a week we import fresh Halal certified meat from friendlier sources than commonly offered in stores. Our many types of rice come directly from rice kingdoms like Thailand, India or Vietnam. You can find spices from all over the world. We have rice pasta, everything for Sushi and Asian delicacies from Taiwan and China. The famous and very healthy Kimchi is manufactured in its land of origin - Korea.

From Tea to Sweets

Legumes, like chickpeas are from the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Our healing Ayurvedic Teas come from the Himalayas. We also offer only genuine black, green and herbal teas. They are original mixtures from certified manufacturers. Just like our genuine Turkish or Arabic coffee. We also offer ready-made vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from Thailand and Korea. Our shop would not be "completely oriental" without  sweets. Turkish Lokum, fresh Arab Baklava, gummy candies or cookies will surely please anyone out there with a sweet tooth :).

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