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More about Halal Meat

Halal means "allowed" in Arabic. And it's not just about food. Halal food is what respects Islamic law as defined in the Qur'an. The Islamic form of killing animals or poultry involves cutting the jugular vein with a sharp knife, thus minimizing stress for the animal. Animals must be alive and well at the time of sacrifice and all blood must be flushed from the body. During this process, a Muslim will perform an initiation known as a shahada.

Advantages of Halal meat:

1. Halal food has a low incidence of contamination and food poisoning. Muslims who prepare Halal food follow the hygienic rules established by their faith. Therefore, Halal food is safer to eat. Islamic traditions prescribe the observance of cleanliness and adherence to all sanitary and hygienic standards. It is forbidden to kill sick animals. Only healthy and strong individuals are consumed. One of the conditions for preparation for slaughter is the organization of favorable living conditions. Animal food is selected only natural, without GMOs and artificial additives. Abuse is also prohibited. The happier the cow, the more Halal is her meat.

2. After cutting the jugular vein, the blood is drained from the animal, which helps to remove all kinds of harmful substances from the meat. The blood contains high levels of uric acid, which can be very harmful to the human body when consumed. Research suggests that meat of animals killed by other methods contains poisoning of ecoli, bacteria and other harmful substances.

3. If an animal is sacrificed in a Halal way, it keeps all the organs of the animal intact. Which means that every organ loses blood as the blood drains. Any other method used to kill an animal can damage its organs, which in turn would mean that those organs would consist of contaminated blood.

4. Killing an animal by incision in the jugular vein is the least painful death. The animal is cut with a sharp knife that cuts off its jugular vein, carotid arteries, trachea and esophagus. Everything done in one quick slice, so the animal does not feel severe pain, unlike when the animal is electrified or immersed in boiling water.

5. Halal food without alcohol, impurities, blood and urine means that your immune system will be strong and your organs will function smoothly.

Halal meat includes:

  • Turkey and chicken

  • Sheep, goat, camel

  • Rabbits

  • Beef, horse

  • Duck, heron meat, quail

  • Deer, antelope, buffalo

  • Jarabici, goose, ostrich. And also halal pelmeni and sausages, minced and stewed meat and sausages.

Halal food brings many benefits, and therefore not only Muslims, but anyone who believes in healthy eating should find their way to it. In recent years, halal products have become increasingly popular in stores and restaurants around the world. Finally, another added value is the very taste of Halal meat, which will pleasantly surprise you, it is softer and more pleasant. So we recommend you to try it as soon as possible!



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