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Prison Simulator Free Download [FULL] [2022-Latest]




Jan 10, 2021 Prison Simulator is an action adventure game, published by Baked Games. It was released on May 19, 2016 for Microsoft Windows. Q: How to search for a specific field in firebase? I'm trying to search for a document with a specific field that i'm not sure how to do it? So far this is the result that I'm getting: So when I click on the search it filters out the "Name" and only shows me the other documents, I only want to show the documents that has "MyName". This is the function that I have already and I have a little idea of how to do it, but not sure how to make it happen function search(userInput) { var email=getEmail(); firebase.database().ref('/users/'+userInput+'/').on('value', (snapshot) => { snapshot.forEach(function(data) { var newuser=data.val(); if(newuser.Email==email){ newuser.Name.forEach(function(data){ newuser.Name=data.val() }) console.log(snapshot.val()) } }) }); } A: If you want to retrieve all users that have the same name, then you have to use the equalTo() method. In your case, it would be: firebase.database().ref('/users/'+userInput+'/').orderByChild('Name').equalTo(email).on('value', (snapshot) => { snapshot.forEach(function(data) { var newuser=data.val(); if(newuser.Name==email




Prison Simulator Free Download [FULL] [2022-Latest]

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